About Kingston

This special place in South West London between the capital and the country has been a Royal Borough longer than anywhere else - it is where the first Kings of England were crowned. Kingston is set to be one of the fastest growing parts of London, and with the arrival of new infrastructure such as Crossrail 2, as well as its award winning Go Cycle scheme, is at the forefront of the changing face of London’s transport.

So Kingston is changing with new commercial and residential developments, not just in Kingston Town Centre but in all parts of the Borough; in Surbiton, New Malden, Tolworth and Chessington in the rural south of the Borough. Kingston is a great environment. Kingston itself has the river, the historic market place and church, parks and gardens, but in all its town centres it has something unique to offer.

Kingston’s people are well educated, innovative and entrepreneurial. The Borough has been home to great industry and creativity for many years, reflected in assets such as the Rose Theatre, the International Youth Arts Festival and Kingston University, which boasts more new graduate business start-ups than any other.

Communities in the Borough are in the most part strong, healthy and prosperous. That said, there are people who rely on the Council and other public services to enable them to reach their potential. Like most places, the average age of our population is rising as more people are living longer, so some people need more support to stay independent, safe and well.

Kingston is a diverse Borough, not just because of this range of need, but because it is home to people from diverse and interesting cultures and backgrounds. Kingston has a large Sri Lankan Tamil community and is home to more people from Korea than any other part of the UK.

Our Ambition

The strength of Kingston’s relationships with its communities across the borough - residents, businesses and the voluntary sector - lies at the heart of everything the Council wants to achieve. Kingston is a successful place because it has adapted and changed throughout its history. The Council wants to continue that journey and, whilst the Corporate Plan is still being developed, the new administration’s manifesto has identified the following key outcomes Kingston wants to strive for with its communities:

  • Community engagement in everything we do
  • Overcome our financial challenges by maximising independence and increasing income
  • Ambitious environmental plans
  • Create new affordable homes, co-designed with our communities
  • Work with partners across the public, private and voluntary sectors
  • Not being afraid to lobby for what we want.

Kingston Council is working to reinvent itself to ensure that all resources are used to best effect. Rather than simply cutting costs and making savings, we want to set a path to financial security. To be successful, we need to transform into a high-performing, networked organisation with a highly constructive culture where people truly flourish and reach their full potential.

Our Vision and Priorities

The Royal Borough of Kingston’s vision is to be a vibrant, diverse and inclusive Borough, with value for money local services that are designed with our residents to maximise independence, with an approach to growth which benefits local communities - ‘Making Kingston Better Together’. We are an open, transparent and collaborative Council that engages residents in local decision-making, embracing new technologies in the design and delivery of services for the benefit of our communities.

Kingston’s priorities include:

  • A well maintained Borough with growth and regeneration that benefits our communities and air that’s safe to breathe
  • Healthy, independent and resilient residents, with effective support to those who need it mostA Borough whose communities are safe, diverse and vibrant.
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